We employ over 40 full-time workers as sawmill, kiln, and planer mill operators, yard staff (sorting and packaging), as well as management and clerical staff. It is estimated that a further 75 jobs result from indirect and spinoff jobs for loggers and truckers, etc.

Over the past number of years our mill has been modernized to incorporate two dry kilns, a new planer, a grading chain and packaging plant, chemical dipping facility (to prevent blue stain in Eastern White Pine), and a new head saw carriage. A combination bull edger equipped with a guide system allows for increased efficiency and more accurate sizing of the lumber. A new saw filing facility has also been developed. Early in 2006 we completed a stacker building which “stickers” bales of lumber automatically.

Our most recent mill improvements include a canter (or small log) line, which will enable us to maximize production for all sizes of logs; and a wood waste system for our kiln burner, which replaces our former oil-fired system and allows us to use our own bark, sawdust and shavings to fuel the dry kilns.