The original store was at the corner of Church Hill opposite the
Anglican Church in Caledonia, but in 1889 documents in the recording office in Liverpool show that Nelson Foster Douglas, one of Milton's sons and proprietor of the store, purchased the lot where the current store is located. In 1907 a new store was built at "Caledonia Corner" and the
stock from the old store was carried and put into place in the newly-completed store.
In 1914 Nelson Foster died and the store was run by the estate until 1916, when his five children-Perry, Lee, Helen, Viola and Dora-
incorporated and took over the running of the store. Over the years,
Perry and Lee eventually took over the management of the store and its interests. Lee and Perry passed the business on to Lee's son, Nelson. Nelson stayed with the business until 1992, after bringing his son Blair
into the family business. Blair continues the family tradition.
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