In 1875 the North Queens area was well known for its lumbering activities. Milton Douglas, great-great grandfather of current store owner, Blair Douglas, opened a small store to provide the necessities for the men and families who worked for him in the woods. While such basic needs of the community as food, clothing, shelter and tools are the same today as in 1875, they would have been met in more basic ways. Barrels of flour in 1914 have been replaced by smaller bags of flour, already baked loaves of bread and packages of cookies. The old account books show purchases of staples such as beans, sugar, molasses, salt, pepper and other spices that were used to supplement the family garden and wild game. Whereas light bulbs and extension cords are part of our sales today, in bygone years it was kerosene and lamp wicks-which is not to say that we still don't sell kerosene and lamp wicks!
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